When Should I Have Paving Work Done?

When Should I Have Paving Work Done?

May 5, 2022

Are you asking “When should I get my driveway paved?” Maybe you are looking to have a parking lot seal coated. Or maybe you are looking to have repairs done or expand your business and need more sidewalk space. Whatever the reason, the best time to get this type of project done is late spring through summer for various reasons.

Setting Times Are Longer

If you wonder about the best time to have paving done at my home or business, summer is the answer. One of the reasons being the setting times are longer. While you may believe that the heat from the summer sun prevents the asphalt from hardening, it is actually the opposite. Asphalt that takes too long to set doesn’t mean that the weather is too hot. It enables paving crews to have much more time to work with it.

As the asphalt is being laid, the paving crews use various equipment to flatten the asphalt, such as lutes, smoothing irons, and steamrollers. These tools help to flatten the asphalt, which creates a smoother surface. In colder temps, the asphalt takes less time to harden after it is laid, which means bumps and ridges are more likely to form.

Summer is the best time to have the asphalt laid because it allows paving contractors a longer time span to set it and smooth it the right way.

More Stability

During the hot summer months, the warmth also helps with other parts of the setting process. Since summer has consistently warm temps, the asphalt is likely to be more uniform once laid, which means no air bubbles. Asphalt is easier to work with when thick and also not as prone to damage.

Asphalt can sustain damage when water seeps through tiny cracks which can result in air bubbles. Once the water contracts and expands with the temps, those tiny cracks can turn into bigger ones. Over time, potholes and ruts can form.

Seal Coating Dries Quicker

The paving crew will lay down a sealant after placing the asphalt. It coats the pavement and gives it a protective layering. This will allow the asphalt to be used for a longer time. The seal will plug tiny holes and pores in the asphalt that would typically allow water to enter. Extending the life of the asphalt is important and is more cost-effective.

More Time to Work

Asphalt is usually laid with a machine. However, it often requires labor-intensive work. This is because the asphalt surface has to be smoothed by hand. Summer provides longer daylight hours to get all of this work done, besides the warmer weather. More hours means that crew members have more time to work easily, cheaply, and safely. Most contractors will usually charge more for costs if they have to work in the dark or during the night due to an increased risk.

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