5 Key Questions to Ask Your Paving Contractor

5 Key Questions to Ask Your Paving Contractor

July 5, 2022

Like most things, all paving contractors are not created equally. Because of this, it is imperative that you perform your due diligence before hiring a contractor to work at your home or business. Here are 5 key questions to ask your paving contractor to help you weed out the ones that simply won’t work well for you.

How Long Have You Been in the Paving Business?

One of the most common of the 5 key questions to ask your paving contractor is how long they have been in business. While there isn’t anything necessarily wrong with new businesses, it is always helpful to choose a contractor with experience. This helps ensure that your paving project is completed by a skilled professional, allowing you to rest easily during the duration of the project.

Are You a Licensed and Insured Paving Contractor?

It is important that you only choose to work with a licensed and insured paving contractor. Proper licensing proves that the contractor has completed the appropriate steps to operate legally in the area. Insurance is designed to not only protect the contractor but also protect you and your property in the event of improper installation, accidents, and the like.

Do You Have References I Can Contact?

Among the 5 key questions to ask your paving contractor is whether they have any references you can contact. While they may have a portfolio of their previous work, it is important to make sure that it is indeed their work. You can do this by speaking first-hand with previous customers. This will allow you to find out how satisfied—or unsatisfied—they were with the project.

Of course, don’t throw the photos aside. Check them out and see if they mesh with your style and what you’re looking for.

How Long Will It Take for the Project to Be Completed?

Each project is different, so while your neighbors may have had their project completed in a few hours, yours may take all day or longer. The duration of the project is important so you can plan accordingly. At the same time, if the paving contractor is booked up for the rest of the month and cannot begin on your project for several weeks, you need to know. Of course, keep in mind that unexpected delays can crop up and lead to the project taking a little longer than originally anticipated.

Do You Offer a Work Guarantee or Warranty?

A professional, licensed and insured paving contractor will supply their customers with some kind of warranty or guarantee. This is an important question to ask because you want to work with a company that stands behind its work. Request information regarding the length of the guarantee and what it includes.

The aforementioned 5 key questions to ask your paving contractor will help you identify whether the company is legitimate and whether you want to work with them or not.

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