What Does Chip N Tar Asphalt Repairs Mean?

What Does Chip N Tar Asphalt Repairs Mean?

July 10, 2023

What Does Chip N Tar Asphalt Repairs Mean?

When it comes to asphalt repairs, there are various methods and techniques available to restore the functionality and appearance of damaged surfaces. One such method is chip n tar asphalt repairs, commonly referred to as chip sealing. In this blog post, we will explore what chip n tar asphalt repairs are, how they work, and their benefits.

What is Chip N Tar Asphalt Repairs?

Chip n tar asphalt repairs, or chip sealing, is an asphalt maintenance technique that involves applying a layer of hot liquid asphalt over a prepared surface and then covering it with a layer of small aggregate or chips. This process creates a durable, protective seal that helps to prevent further deterioration and extends the lifespan of the asphalt surface.

How Does Chip N Tar Asphalt Repairs Work?

Chip n tar asphalt repairs typically involve the following steps:

1. Surface Preparation: The existing asphalt surface is thoroughly cleaned of debris, dirt, and vegetation to ensure proper adhesion of the new materials.

2. Crack Sealing: Any visible cracks in the asphalt are filled and sealed using a hot rubberized crack filler. This step prevents water from penetrating the surface and causing further damage.

3. Application of Liquid Asphalt: A layer of hot liquid asphalt, also known as liquid binder or tack coat, is applied to the prepared surface using a specialized asphalt distributor truck. This liquid asphalt serves as a glue or binder, helping to bond the new layer of chips to the existing asphalt.

4. Chip Application: After the liquid asphalt is applied, a layer of small aggregate or chips is evenly spread over the surface using a chip spreader. The chips are then rolled or compacted into the liquid asphalt, creating a textured surface.

5. Traffic Control: Once the chip sealing process is complete, traffic is restricted from the newly treated surface for a specified period of time, typically 24-48 hours, to allow the materials to properly set and cure.

Benefits of Chip N Tar Asphalt Repairs

Chip n tar asphalt repairs offer several benefits, making them a popular choice for asphalt maintenance. Some of the advantages of chip sealing include:

1. Cost-Effective: Chip n tar repairs are generally more cost-effective compared to other asphalt repair methods, such as resurfacing or replacement. The materials used in chip sealing are often more affordable, and the application process requires fewer labor hours.

2. Longevity: Chip sealing provides an additional layer of protection to the asphalt surface, extending its lifespan and delaying the need for more extensive repairs. The seal created by the combination of liquid asphalt and chips helps to prevent water, sunlight, and other elements from penetrating and deteriorating the underlying pavement.

3. Increased Durability: The layer of chips applied during chip sealing provides a textured surface that enhances traction and skid resistance. This is especially beneficial for areas with heavy traffic or where safety is a concern, such as roadways, parking lots, and driveways.

4. Improved Appearance: Chip n tar repairs can significantly enhance the appearance of an asphalt surface. The chips come in various colors and sizes, allowing for customization and aesthetic choices that can complement the surrounding environment.

5. Quick Application and Cure Time: Chip sealing can be completed relatively quickly compared to other repair methods, causing minimal disruption to traffic flow or daily activities. The cure time is also relatively short, allowing for a quicker reopening of the treated surface to vehicles and pedestrians.


Chip n tar asphalt repairs, or chip sealing, is an effective and cost-efficient method of maintaining and extending the life of asphalt surfaces. By applying a layer of hot liquid asphalt and covering it with chips, chip sealing creates a protective seal that prevents further damage and enhances the durability of the pavement. With its numerous benefits, chip n tar repairs have become a popular choice for asphalt maintenance in various applications, from roadways to parking lots. If you’re considering asphalt repairs, chip sealing is definitely worth exploring.

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