When Should You Consider Sealcoating To Repair A Driveway?

When Should You Consider Sealcoating To Repair A Driveway?

January 31, 2024

Worker,Using,A,Sealcoating,Brush,During,Asphalt,Resurfacing,ProjectA well-maintained driveway not only enhances the curb appeal of your home but also provides a smooth and durable surface for vehicles. Over time, driveways can become worn and damaged due to exposure to the elements and regular use. Sealcoating is a popular method of repairing and preserving driveways. In this blog post, we will discuss when you should consider sealcoating to repair your driveway.

1. Cracks and Potholes

One of the most obvious signs that your driveway needs repair is the presence of cracks and potholes. Cracks can occur due to the expansion and contraction of the pavement caused by temperature changes or underlying ground movement. Potholes, on the other hand, are typically formed by the continuous degradation of small cracks. If you notice cracks starting to form or potholes developing, it’s a clear indication that your driveway needs attention. Sealcoating can help fill in these cracks and prevent further damage, ultimately extending the lifespan of your driveway.

2. Fading and Discoloration

Over time, driveways can lose their original color and become faded and discolored due to exposure to sunlight and harsh weather conditions. Fading and discoloration not only make your driveway look unattractive but can also indicate that the asphalt is deteriorating. Sealcoating can help restore the color and appearance of your driveway by adding a protective layer that shields the pavement from the damaging effects of UV rays and chemicals. It also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

3. Oxidation and Deterioration

Another sign that your driveway may need sealcoating is the presence of oxidation and deterioration. Oxidation occurs when the asphalt ages and loses its natural oils, making it brittle and prone to cracks and crumbling. Deterioration can also occur due to exposure to gasoline, oil spills, or other harsh chemicals, causing the asphalt to weaken and degrade. Applying a sealcoat to your driveway creates a protective barrier that prevents oxidation and slows down the deterioration process. It helps to maintain the integrity of the pavement and significantly extends its lifespan.

4. Rough and Uneven Surface

If your driveway has become rough and uneven, it can pose safety hazards for vehicles and pedestrians. Uneven surfaces can be caused by various factors such as poor initial installation, improper drainage, or ground settling. Sealcoating can help smoothen out the surface of your driveway, providing a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone using it. By filling in gaps and levelling the pavement, sealcoating can eliminate tripping hazards and prevent further damage to your driveway caused by water pooling.

5. Water Damage

Water is one of the main culprits when it comes to driveway damage. If you notice standing water or excessive puddles on your driveway after rain, it can be a sign of poor drainage. Prolonged exposure to water can weaken the asphalt and lead to cracks, potholes, and further deterioration. Sealcoating acts as a waterproofing layer, preventing water from seeping into the pavement and causing damage. It helps to keep your driveway protected against water-related issues and ensures a longer-lasting driveway.

6. Regular Maintenance

Lastly, sealcoating can be considered as part of your regular driveway maintenance routine. Even if your driveway doesn’t show any visible signs of damage, sealcoating can play a preventive role in preserving its condition. Applying a sealcoat every few years forms a protective shield that extends the lifespan of your driveway, reduces the risk of future damage, and saves you money on costly repairs in the long run. It’s an investment that pays off by keeping your driveway in optimal condition and avoiding more extensive repairs or replacements.


Sealcoating is a valuable solution for repairing and preserving driveways. If you notice cracks, potholes, fading, discoloration, rough surfaces, water damage, or if your driveway requires regular maintenance, it’s a good time to consider sealcoating. By filling in cracks, restoring color, preventing oxidation, creating a smooth surface, and protecting against water damage, sealcoating significantly enhances the durability and appearance of your driveway. Consult with an asphalt professional to assess the condition of your driveway and determine the best timing for sealcoating to ensure you enjoy a well-maintained and long-lasting driveway for years to come.

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